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Metti che un giorno credi all’oroscopo

Giornata piovosa, periodo piovoso. Grigio é un eufemismo. (Ho sempre sognato di dirlo, eufemismo)

Nel parcheggio di un centro commerciale, in una custodia per fiat panda, scarico applicazioni per blackberry.

Fra queste l’oroscopo. In inglese.

È una lingua musicale, l’inglese.

Senti che musica:

DailyHoroscope for Cancer
Mar 5 2011
Set your expectations high for the rest of this year, Moonchild. For a long time now you’ve held certain special dreams close to your heart. You’ve lingered in this hopeful state in the innocent belief that you’d realize those dreams. You’ve gotten up when you’ve been knocked down. You’ve continued to believe. You haven’t given up. Now, though, you may be feeling weaker, after so much time without getting closer to what you want. What you don’t realize is that you are closer. Very close in fact. Don’t allow your past experiences to limit your dreams for the future. Keep believing, and your belief will be rewarded very soon.